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an origami firefly

131003 Block B VERY GOOD Showcase

Being a BBC has been really tough, watching them get beaten down time and time again. Sure, they’re trying to play the game as much as anyone else is but I really think that there are things about Block B that the industry will never be able to sand down to ease their fit. They’re such a group of outcasts, really, kpop’s island of misfit toys—Jiho with his heart condition and how dedicated he is even with the care he has to take of himself; Jaehyo, who was rejected from several auditions before finally becoming a B2ST trainee, before that was taken away too; Yukwon, whose ability to stand on this stage today was entirely due to the unconditional love and support he’s received from his family. They all have hardships that they had to overcome even before they were able to consider being the Block B they are today, so to watch them face even further hardships and be unable to do anything except support them from a distance… that’s been tough.

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