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an origami firefly

The thing about fansigns is that sometimes you just have to commit to them. When I found out about this Jongno fansign for BTS, I was like… okay, I’m going to buy 7 albums and go for it and if I don’t get in, then I’m DOOMED. Not really, but I was pretty all or nothing for this one—which is why I was so excited when I found out I got in!

Of course, knowing a full day in advance that I would be attending the fansign didn’t mean that I was prepared, actually. I didn’t write any questions until I was already on the bus toward the venue with Bianca, and even then, I only ended up giving questions to 2 of the members. (I gave Jungkook a post-it that said “please draw whatever you want in this space” but that doesn’t really count, lol.) Originally I’d intended to give questions to all, but then I thought of asking them to sign their photocards instead so I didn’t want to give each member a question as well…

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Posted on 12 November 2013, at 1.33am with 5 notes
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